We provide in-depth In-person Technical Skill Development courses.
Class room courses of full duration as well as On Demand Crash courses related to various technologies available

We are Solutions Architects and Developers, willing to extend our knowledge with everyone willing to learn

Code Combatants is a creatively crafted product by Mawle Technologies for everyone to acquire technical skills directly from experts

We love finding simple solutions to complex challenges and hence we would plan at providing courses in an unaurthodox, non-bookish, indepth, and completely intractive way

To Further be helpful we would be providing Digitally verifyable certificates with complete training performance report. which is new way of certification being developed by Mawle Technologies

We say Age is just a Number and are willing to accept anyone willing to learn
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We also provide On-Demand Crash courses

These are 2 -7 days programs which could be conducted at our facilities as well as in your colleges as per requirement when requested
  • CMS Website Development

    Learn to Develop Webite without coding with Content Management Systems

  • AI Artificial Intelligence

    A crash course to start building your own ML and AI applications

  • IOT Internet of Things

    Learn to develop fun Electronics projects on your own and understand the language of robots

  • ☁️ Cloud Development

    Understand how cloud technology works and learn to use it for fun projects

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